The Librarians: Review: Series 1 Episode 7

Librarians 1.7…and the Rule of Three

Problems at a science fair lead to a very unusual encounter for the Librarians…

What starts off as a humorous interlude for the Librarians, as they deal with tiger mothers (or a wolverine mum, as this one calls herself), incompetent students and experimental volcanoes spewing real lava turns into something very different by the end of the episode, as Eve Baird encounters a figure from myth and legend. When Morgan Le Fey introduces herself – and clearly knows Jenkins – it adds a whole new layer to the mysteries of the show, and brings in a potential Big Bad with the potential to wreak havoc. When Jenkins learns that Eve has failed to kill Morgan, it seems as if he’s massively overreacting, but the Latin tag gives some clues to the rest of the season (presumably!).

There are plenty of enjoyable character moments threaded through the story before this, particularly for Christian Kane and Lindy Booth, and the Ezekiel/Cassandra moment at the end just reinforces that these people are starting to care about each other. There’s also some clever misdirection thanks to the title, which gets you expecting some sort of take on Charmed, and then provides people who fit the bill, but actually aren’t what you bargained for.

Verdict: Although it may feel a little disposable at first, this episode takes on more importance as it progresses. 7/10

Paul Simpson



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