The Tomorrow People: Review: Series 1 Episode 2: In Too Deep

Steven starts to realise that it’s not at all easy to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds…

There are some definite signs that this new version of The Tomorrow People is more intent on creating its own identity separate from the original series in this second episode – the idea of two distinct groups targeting new break-outs adds an extra dimension, although it could as easily become boring if we just get the Break-out of the Week with some mildly different form of the three Ts (an explanation of which wasn’t just given at the top of the show, but a few minutes later as well).

The problem is that the characters are not gaining that much extra dimension – sure, John somehow has Steven’s father’s watch, and Cara denies to Steven that she and John are in a relationship, both of which might mean more in the standard teen soap. John seems to be quite easily persuaded that it’s time to get out of the secret underground base and take the fight to Jedikiah and his Ultra mob which is something I had thought would take more than a couple of hours. We get increasing evidence that Ultra are the bad guys… although that was pretty clearly established when Jedikiah shot one of the TPs in the first episode.

The effects are neatly done, and add something to the fight sequences, with many of the characters capable of doing a Nightcrawler and reappearing out of nowhere, but cool fight sequences do not make a good show unless we care about the characters, and so far, we don’t.

Verdict: So far, still very ho hum. 5/10

Paul Simpson


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