Good Omens: Review: Part 3

Good Omens 3

BBC Radio 4, December 23 and on iPlayer for 30 days

Where oh where can the Anti-Christ be?

Things are hotting up as preparations begin for the end of the world. The Four Horsemen – three of whom are in guises which feel horribly accurate, and the fourth of whom should need no introduction to any regular reader of Terry Pratchett’s work (and sadly, the site formatting won’t let me put that all in small caps!) – have been summoned; Crowley and his counterpart are desperately trying to make up for their rather egregious error; Anathema is desperate to find her lost book; and Adam Young (whose home phone number is sepulchrally appropriate) is busy planning his next escapade. Oh, and of course there’s Newton Pulsifer, who has decided to go proactive with his Witchfinding work… and ends up heading for the same quiet country spot.

This is one of the episodes which really shows off the excellent sound design of the series – there are so many different locations which need to be sold quickly, and without exception they all feel discrete. The combination of the very down to Earth and the supernatural in the story (as well as the comic and dramatic elements) means that the listener has to be kept fully engrossed or else the considerable suspension of disbelief won’t work.

Verdict: The series is treading its own path now as everyone slouches towards Tadfield… 8/10

Paul Simpson


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