Star Wars: Review: LEGO Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy

LEGO Star WarsVesa Lehtimäki

DK, out now

A very different take on some familiar Star Wars scenes…

The spectrum of Star Wars books from DK widens even further with this coffee table type art volume, comprising meticulously arranged and composed shots of moments from the first three Star Wars movies… but created using LEGO. The picture of C-3PO on the back cover is nicely juxtaposed with the ski-ing Snow Stormtrooper on the front, mirroring the book’s mixture of fun and seriousness.

Lehtimäki doesn’t simply recreate shots that we know very well: there are plenty of imaginative tableaux, such as Jabba wanting his prize presented better, or Vader in the snows of Hoth, using his lightsaber as a flashlight. The original trilogy is Lehtimäki’s passion, and it shows: after you absorb the cleverness of the image, you read his notes about the creation of the shot, and realise that nothing is too mundane to be incorporated in some way into that galaxy far, far away.

Once you’ve finished enjoying the photography, there’s an interesting short section giving much more detail about the set-up and planning, as well as information on which LEGO sets were used (if you want to follow in his footsteps).

Verdict: A true labour of love that not just Star Wars fans will appreciate. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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