Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: CC 611: The Jigsaw War

Jamie is trapped in a cell – but is he prisoner or captive? Or both?

After the recent Binary which was a proper drama rather than an narrated story with added voices, we get another two-hander between Frazer Hines and this month’s guest artist Dominic Mofham – with a nice twist, which means that there are four distinct characters involved. No surprises that one of them is the Second Doctor, as voiced by Hines (although in the CD extras, he makes the perhaps slight distinction that he’s playing “Patrick” rather than the Second Doctor).

After another release that riffed on Christopher Nolan’s Inception, we get a tale that has elements of Nolan’s earlier film, Memento. Things aren’t conveniently backwards – Jamie is being pushed backwards and forwards in time and he has to try to keep track of exactly what’s going on. Although this is set in a period with Zoe, it could as easily be fitted into the time when Victoria is travelling with the Doctor or Jamie – or even in the Season 6B gap around The Two Doctors, so little does Zoe’s involvement mean to the story. But there’s plenty for Jamie fans to enjoy…

It’s a story that you need to concentrate on to make sure that you get all the nuances of the jumping about, and like any of these sorts of tales, it will definitely repay repeated listening.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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