Gotham: Review: Series 1 Episode 10: LoveCraft

Gotham 1.10When Wayne Mansion is attacked, Alfred will do anything to help find Bruce and Selina…

Without a doubt, this episode absolutely belongs to Sean Pertwee, whose Alfred dominates proceedings, whether it’s fighting off and shooting the bad guys during the initial assault on Wayne Manor, applying his own very distinctive questioning technique to Butch, going in where GCPD’s finest are fearing to tread to find the two kids, or being exactly what Bruce needs when Selina leaves. Just occasionally, it does look as if Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon is posturing, and Pertwee just grounds everything with a look or a word.

The hunt for Bruce and Selina takes up most of the episode, although there are a few developments on other fronts as well – Penguin doesn’t have much to do, but is as oleaginous as necessary; Nygma has a surprising reaction to Gordon’s departure at the end of the episode. The Mayor, though, is turning into the series’ real bad guy, and I gave an inner cheer when Jim told him exactly what he could do!

The show has had its ups and downs but if it can maintain the standard of this episode, then I look forward to the new run of episodes next year.

Verdict: Bad-ass butlering never looked so good. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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