Review: Doctor Who: Big Finish Audio: The Worlds of Doctor Who 1: Mind Games

(A Jago & Litefoot adventure)

WorldsHenry Gordon Jago has a new act at the New Regency – but the crime rate nearby has risen rather alarmingly…

The Worlds of Doctor Who is Big Finish’s celebration of their own series additions to the mythos, starting with the one that long-term fans have been hoping for ever since Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter faded off screen way back in 1977. Jago & Litefoot (about to release its eighth box set) is one of the more surprising ranges, given the creators’ desire to keep it fresh – they’ve ended up out of time, and out of space before now – but for this adventure, things are a little more standard than usual… if such a word can ever be used to describe Jago and Litefoot’s escapades!

The story evolves from both men’s professional lives – impresario Jago has hired the enigmatic Mr Rees to appear at his theatre, while Professor Litefoot is investigating some unusual deaths, many of which occurred in the vicinity. With the help of their friend, barmaid Ellie, they start to put the pieces together, although there are some quite horrific scenes along the way – we may now know who Jack the Ripper was, but he wasn’t the only serial killer in London.

Justin Richards knows the series inside out, and gives all the lead actors material they can enjoy putting across, with some interesting character work to introduce Jamie Glover’s Rees. There’s one rather unusual aspect to this that is linked to the serial nature of the box set (although it’s an idea that hopefully will be continued in the main range too), but otherwise it’s neatly done, so there don’t appear to be any loose ends… Or are there?

Verdict: A solid Jago and Litefoot tale that showcases why the series works so well. 8/10

Paul Simpson

2. The Reesinger Process >>>


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