Lost Girl: Review: Series 1 DVD

Lost Girl s1Bo and Kenzi’s first season of adventures…

Welcome to the world of the Fae in this Canadian series which has been kicking up a storm on Syfy (a third season is expected to air soon, and the fourth has just been commissioned by Showcase in Canada). It follows the adventures of a succubus who learns the reason for her rather deadly powers, and in tandem with a young (totally ordinary human) friend, is caught between two sides of a long-running war.

As with many shows of this type, Lost Girl tries a lot of different formats on for size during the first year, so don’t be put off by a few episodes that fail to hit the mark. Once the producers worked out what is was that works – and you can see the actors feeling increasingly comfortable as that falls into place – the show becomes one of those guilty pleasures.

It’s never going to threaten high class classical drama, but that’s not the audience it’s aiming for. Like Grimm, it works off the basis that there are a lot of supernatural goings on just beneath the surface of everyday life, and every so often ordinary people get caught in the crossfire. It’s consciously disrespectful to some of the tropes of the genre which means it can provoke even the most jaded genre viewer into a smile from time to time, and there’s enough chemistry between the cast (helped by the fact the lead character is bisexual) to keep everyone interested.

Verdict: If you’ve liked the books of Kelly Armstrong, or enjoyed Grimm, chances are Lost Girl will suit you – well worth a try. 7/10

Paul Simpson

LOST GIRL: Season 1 is out on DVD February 25th, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

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