Supernatural: Review: Season 7 Eps 4, 5 & 6

The CW, 14, 21, 28 October

An Egyptian God puts Sam and Dean on trial, the boys tackle a pair of married witches, and then confront themselves on a killing spree.

Things are slowly getting better on Supernatural’s seventh season, but only ‘Slash Fiction’ has featured any of the caustic spark of the old days.

Although it wasn’t (apart from some nicely presented brief flashbacks), ‘Defending Your Life’ had the feel of a budget-saving clips show. The old ‘put your principals on trial’ gambit is as old as the hills, and it wasn’t particularly well done here.

The stunt casting of Angel stars James Masters and Charisma Carpenter as married witches on ‘Shut Up, Dr Phil’ should have been more of an event. The episode failed to make the most of its star name guests, giving them little time together or with Supernatural’s heroes.

Finally, ‘Slash Fiction’ felt like a great episode from Supernatural’s past. Especially welcome was the bickering scene in the rented car the brothers have to endure, complete with unsuitable selections on the radio. At last, Supernatural felt like itself once more. The plot—revolving around a pair of Leviathans impersonating the Winchesters—was classic stuff. The humour in the situation was mined well, without losing the horror. Even the nasty, unneeded splashes of blood up walls that have been all too prevalent this season were kept to a minimum. Things were nicely capped with Crowley getting the brush off from the head Leviathan: do we see an alliance with the Winchesters in the offing?

Verdict: Hurrah, there life in the old dog yet…

Episode 4: ‘Defending Your Life’: 5/10

Episode 5: ‘Shut Up, Dr Phil’: 6/10

Episode 6: ‘Slash Fiction’: 8/10

Brian J. Robb


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