Atlantis: Review: Series 2 Episode 11: Kin

Atlantis 2.11Jason seems lost – but maybe his father’s love can turn him around…

This penultimate episode of Atlantis (the final two episodes are being aired as a movie-length story next week) sets the stage for the confrontation that’s been building throughout the series between Pasiphae and… well, just about everyone else. The revelation that she’s Jason’s mother, and now won’t have him executed has not gone down well with the priests, particularly those who have committed major crimes on her behalf; she’s upset Medea who’s demonstrated that those on her wrong side can find themselves with broken legs or worse; and Jason himself is now fired up following the death of his father Aeson (John Hannah) in his arms.

The scenes in the arena are a good touchstone for how far this series has changed; previously, they’ve been a showcase for Jason’s overly athletic fighting skills, but now they’re down and dirty (albeit still without blood – compare post-combat scenes in this and Outlander). Inevitably, some of the ensemble don’t get as much attention this episode, and we don’t see a great deal of Ariadne or Pythagoras, but Hercules returns to centre stage, realizing what he needs to do, and helping his friend.

Verdict: Jason’s “redemption” is hardly a surprise, but it’s done well. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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