Review: The Confessions of Dorian Gray 2.4: The Immortal Game

Immortal Game, The coverDorian becomes fascinated by an unusual chess match, and meets two brothers with diametrically opposed aims…

Don’t let anyone spoil the big reveal in Nev Fountain’s clever script for the penultimate episode of this run of Dorian Gray. It builds on an idea that’s been mined once in the series, but takes it in a very different direction, and although there was something nagging at the back of my mind while I was listening to it, the explanation still came as a surprise.

Hugh Ross – Counter-Measures’ Sir Toby Kinsella – gets a juicy double role as the two Montague brothers between whom Dorian finds himself caught. There’s a subtle shifting of his accent which clarifies which of them is in a particular scene – although the context makes it pretty clear!

We’re going further back in Dorian’s timeline here, to a just pre-Great War Brighton, and there are some very intriguing questions left at the end of the story as to just how the events may have affected Dorian, both physically and mentally. Hopefully a third series will show us some more of the consequences of his century of encounters with strange and unusual activitiy.

Verdict: Clever and worthy of a sequel (if not its own spin-off). 8/10

Paul Simpson

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