Jessica Jones: Review: Series 1 Episode 9: AKA Sin Bin

Jessica 1.9Jessica tries to get Kilgrave to demonstrate his powers…

If there was a lingering doubt about Kilgrave’s sociopathic tendencies, the end of this episode will dispel them forever. It’s one of the rare times in recent TV watching where I’ve been literally on the edge of the seat, caught up in events – from the moment that Kilgrave’s parents enter the room in which Jessica has him imprisoned through the catastrophe that follows to Jessica’s realisation at the end of the episode that even such black events have a (possible) silver lining, you’re completely hooked. Trish’s panicked action shooting the glass and freeing Kilgrave is understandable, if effectively insane, and completes the overturning of everything that we’ve been told (by Kilgrave) about his past.

The plotline over Hogarth’s divorce is taking some interesting turns, and Carrie-Ann Moss is selling the lawyer’s conflicted actions well – the scene where she nearly frees Kilgrave, is neatly contrasted with her facing an equally manipulative, but not “gifted”, fiancée. (And did we just see the creation of another new hero with Will Simpson taking the red pill?)

Verdict: Trust, choices, consequences – it’s all coming together in the various different plotlines, and making this series one of Marvel’s best MCU outings. 9/10

Paul Simpson


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