Review: Illusionology (3)

by Albert D. Schafer

Templar Publishing, out now

This gorgeously illustrated book, subtitled The Secret Science of Magic, is a treasure trove of the secrets behind some of the best illusions, explaining not only how they are done, but why they work.

Some are of course easily explained – rapid movement of objects by the magician while the audience’s attention is firmly focused elsewhere – but others rely on the way that the human eye and brain work. The secrets of great magicians such as Harry Houdini are revealed with suitable warnings to the reader not to try to replicate tricks that took their practicioners months, if not years, to perfect before they showed them to the public.

Verdict: With numerous pop-outs, inserts and sidebars, this is exactly what every budding magician should have in their library.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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