Doctor Who: Review: Big Finish: 2nd Doctor Companion 1.2: The Story of Extinction

20160417213451dwcc10_cover_1688x1500_cover_large_image_largeThe Doctor, Jamie and Victoria help some data archaeologists uncover a surprising truth…

Ian Atkins’ own contribution to the new Companion Chronicles box set moves forward in Jamie’s timeline to a period where Victoria has not long been travelling with him and the Doctor, and the two young people haven’t quite reached an equilibrium in their relationship. It’s Deborah Watling’s best performance recreating Victoria in some time – one suspects that she responded well to director Lisa Bowerman’s gentle guidance – although you may find yourself relistening to some scenes after you’ve heard the extras to see if you agree whether the intent is realised.

That element aside, Atkins plays a bit with the Troughton formula, for once having the Doctor and his friends accepted immediately, without the usual queries as to their bona fides. There’s a satirical edge in the character of Selsey, and an interesting new monster, one that you might not have thought immediately lends itself to audio, but which works well. The framing device begs a few questions, and it might be fun to have a full story set in its location…

Verdict: A solid adventure for this TARDIS team. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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