True Blood: Review: Season 4 Ep 7

HBO, August 7 (US)

Marnie, now fully possessed by Antonia, escapes. Bill has to begin a fight for his life. And the coven comes together to cast the spell drawing vampires out into the light…

The episode opens to strong effect with a variety of scenes that mix tension, with Marnie controlling Luis; hot sex, as Sookie and Eric are still at it in the woods; comedy, as a bunch of locals gather around taking pictures of Pam menacing Tara and asking if she is a zombie; and pathos, when woebegone Alcide finds Sookie going at it with Eric. Only the follow-up to Lafayette and Jesus in Mexico strikes a dull note.

From then on the excitement and apprehension levels start rising as Bill organises the vampires of Louisiana for the battle. They all get themselves prepared for the day ahead by hunkering down in their coffins and cubby holes weighted down by silver chains. Pam, of course, has the coolest chainmail bed—er, coffin—linen (pictured above), but she’s also had to endure a body peel from Doctor Ludwig and injections administered by Ginger. Ouch!

It all gets nail-biting when vampires start walking out into the sunlight. Maxine has her suspicions of her neighbour confirmed and Jason responds to a supernatural urge. It’s all great stuff , what we’ve come to expect from True Blood, and just what is called for at this point in the season.

Verdict: Scorching!

Episode 7 ‘Cold Grey Light of Dawn’: 8/10 

Brigid Cherry


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