Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 10: Mum’s the Word

Eve 1.10Wishing for something doesn’t always make it come true, as Eve learns to her cost…

The series starts to move into its endgame with this episode, as Abe gives away more than he realises when he contacts Katherine offering information on Mary’s location, after Eve is contacted by her “mother” once again, and then Nick makes what could be a fatal mistake when he’s talking to his boss. We see more of Jane Asher’s Mary in this episode than we have previously, and realise that she really isn’t that nice a person, even if she does end up doing the right thing finally.

The analogies with children caught in the middle of a divorce battle are obvious – Eve, the series, once again channelling its roots in shows like Buffy – and across the board, the acting is strong, with the “less is more” mantra now firmly applied to the adult roles. All four of the younger actors are given moments where their reactions to events are important, and none of them falls into the trap of going over the top.

Verdict: An important stage in Eve’s development given the treatment it needs. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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