Red Dwarf X: Review: Episode 1: Trojan (spoiler-free)

Dave, October 4

The crew come across a derelict craft, but will investigating it prevent Lister from making a vital purchase?

Although the majority of fans seemed pleased to have new Red Dwarf material from Dave with the Back to Earth trilogy, the format didn’t work as well as it might have done. So for the proper tenth series, we’re back to the show’s sitcom roots, complete with live audience (and if there’s any doubt about that, watch Danny-John Jules waiting for the laughter to die away in the moose sequence).

The scripting is back on form as well: although the actors are noticeably older, the humour hasn’t changed. It’s as puerile as ever when it needs to be, and clever at other times. There’s a certain amount of cliché involved, and the cast get a chance to show off their particular shticks. Hopefully the audience won’t spoil episodes by simply laughing at phrases being used (Lister saying smeg is justification at one point).

The effects set the scene and move the plot along as required: the focus is, as it should be, on the crew and their interaction with the guest stars when they finally appear.

Verdict: With some very funny moments, and a more cohesive storyline than some of the late BBC episodes, the Boys from the Dwarf are back.  7/10

Paul Simpson



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