Review: Logan’s Run: Last Day

Words: Paul J. Salamoff

Pencils: Daniel Gete

Bluewater Comics, out now

Bluewater’s comic book re-imagining of the classic sci-fi tale Logan’s Run aims high and succeeds in this first trade paperback collected edition. The story centres around Logan (unsurprisingly), a Deep Sleep Operative, living in a post-apocalyptic future where the human life cycle is carefully managed within computer controlled semi-utopian citadels. Tasked with hunting down and killing citizens who flee their designated day to die, Logan is the best at what he does but is himself rapidly approaching the end of his allotted time to live. When the opportunity for escape presents itself Logan is faced with the prospect of becoming the very thing he has spent his life despising – a Runner.

Salamoff’s writing of Logan lends the character an almost noir-like quality; he is taciturn, solemn and single-minded, clearly dedicated to the cause of what is ‘right’ and yet he is conflicted. Add to this Gete’s depiction of Logan in long, dark coats and the impression is complete. As a fan of sci-fi noir I found this element of the story particularly enjoyable.

The narrative generally flows well, although there were a couple of points where the pacing is slightly off. Sometimes a transition from one scene to another, or a sudden change of venue for the characters, is jarring and left me wondering what had happened in between the two scenes. Although this was no doubt used as a way to move the story forward without getting mired in unnecessary details, at times it is in danger of pulling the reader out of the story.

Gete’s art is very engaging, particularly in his use of light and shadow, and goes a long way towards communicating the tone of the story. The fond stylistic references during the flash backs to Fritz Lang’s 1927 science fiction epic Metropolis are noted and appreciated. The colours used throughout are rich and vibrant but also lacking in natural tones, a choice that underscores the inorganic, unnatural nature of life within the citadels.

Verdict: Logan’s Run is a very enjoyable read which leaves the reader eager for the next instalment in the series.  7/10

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Bernice Watson


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