Review: The Confessions of Dorian Gray: 2: The Houses In Between

1940 London, and Dorian is haunted by faces in the flames…

No set up needed for this second play, which jumps straight in to a potential supernatural element, as Dorian believes that he sees something that others don’t as he perches on top of the Daily Mail building watching London burn, and then is haunted by a memory as he sleeps.

More than the first episode, this is a showcase for Alexander Vlahos: the script by Scott Harrison is powerful (and felt suitably creepy just as words on the page), but Vlahos wraps his voice around the narration. Dorian’s self-doubt, self-loathing and determination to survive come through – although there’s an interesting level that implies that on reflection he’s not sure about what he’s done. Who is he narrating these stories to – the title “Confessions” suggests that perhaps he is looking for absolution? If so, he is left in little doubt by this story what fate may await him…

Lorna Rose Harris provides a good counterfoil for Dorian in both her roles (a little more information about his history with the medium wouldn’t go amiss – a future story perhaps?) and kudos also to director Scott Handcock and Robbie and James Dunlop for the sound design and music.

Verdict: Long enough to make its mark but short enough to be comfortably listened to in one sitting, this is another good story. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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