Star Wars: Review: Honor Among Thieves

Honor_among_thieves_newBy James S.A. Corey

Arrow, out now

Shortly after the victory at Yavin, Han agrees to help the Rebel Alliance contact a missing spy…

This is the first novel I’ve read by Corey (aka Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck) but I shall certainly be looking out for more Star Wars adventures under this name: it’s one of the best contributions to the movie era that I’ve read in many years. I’m old enough to remember the thrill when Splinter of the Mind’s Eye first came out, and this book evokes the same feelings – a reunion with characters who I came to love watching them on the big screen in Star Wars (to misquote Scotty, no Episode IV, no bloody New Hope).

Han is the main point of view character, and Corey captures the character’s mix of bluster, bravado and boyish charm, as well as his total inability to understand what’s going on with the female of the species. The spy, Scarlet, is a fun addition to the Universe, and it’s a shame that the Legends edict came down so shortly after this book’s publication, presumably preventing any further adventures.

Although the story is a fast-paced romp, in keeping with the spirit of the old chapterplays, there is a serious side to it as well, with some insights into Leia’s attitudes towards the rebellion and the loss of her home planet. There’s also a discussion of the ethics of power, which Doctor Who fans might find rather similar to that at the end of the Tom Baker story The Armageddon Factor.

Verdict: A highly enjoyable Star Wars tale. 9/10

Paul Simpson


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