Warehouse 13: Review: Season 3 Ep 10

Zombies in Ithaca, as Claudia’s marked for death and Steve gets an offer he can’t refuse….

People in Ithaca, New York are turning very very cold and pale, and trying to eat people. Pete, of course, is convinced that they’re zombies, but there’s no zombie-creating artifact as such. Besides which, the victims keep getting progressively colder. Artie is able to help one of them by putting the glasses of the inventor of the thermostat on him, thus keeping his body temperature up for a while – one of those little touches that continues to keep the show charming and effective.

Meanwhile, Claudia gets a day off to deal with her annoyance at Steve’s being fired – exacerbated by Steve not returning her calls. When she finally does get through to him, he tells her to lose his number. Steve has not only been fired, he’s been burned as thoroughly as Michael Westen: he can’t get work, he can’t use his passport, nothing. No surprise, then, that when Marcus, our bad guy’s chief henchman, shows up in a bar, Steve is receptive to being recruited. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and all that.

After two straight episodes that move the over-plot forward, the lack of same in this episode feels like a stall, which it shouldn’t – the show’s about bagging and tagging artifacts, after all, and the zombie story fits the mould. It doesn’t help that I and both people I watched the episode with saw the solution coming about 20 minutes before the characters did, which was disappointing (hint: not really zombies).

There’s a really doofy subplot with Claudia involving a fortune telling artifact that mostly just made me want to beat my head against the wall. Here’s a hint: we’re not going to be engaged by a plot about a character in the opening credits being marked for death in a non-season-finale episode. Chances are good she’s not going to die.

Verdict: A fairly ordinary and predictable episode that feels like filler after the revelations of the past two.

Episode 10 “Insatiable”: 5/10

Keith R.A. DeCandido


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