Remember Me: Review: Episode 2

Remember Me 2Tom has disappeared, but Hannah is sure there must be a link to Scarborough…

Gwyneth Hughes’ disturbing ghost story continues to be highly unsettling, with another mysterious death, and yet more questions raised about Tom Parfitt – just how old is he? Why has he not said anything to anyone about being widowed? And why is he obsessed with Scarborough?

There aren’t quite so many shock moments in this episode (nor is there as much of Michael Palin as you might expect although his presence is felt throughout), just a gradually overwhelming feel of dread as Fairholme’s investigations turn up more and more weirdnesses, and Hannah doesn’t realise how much she may be putting herself and her brother in danger by showing that she cares about Tom. Mark Addy and Jodie Comer carry the episode as both find a new purpose beyond trudging from one day to the next with little pieces of the backstory of each of them doled out sparingly.

The dripping water motif has been strongly enough established in the first hour that we instinctively know things are about to go very wrong when the tap starts to malfunction at Hannah’s colleague’s home, and the link to the toy chest in Tom’s attic is made without it needing to be hammered home too much.

The overall success of this will rest on the extent to which Hughes resolves the story – and hopefully the mantra that less is more may apply.

Verdict: The tension continues to ratchet up. 8/10

Paul Simpson

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