The Walking Dead: Review: Season 3 Ep 4

AMC, 4 November 2012

Warning: Spoilers!

A rogue prisoner wreaks havoc at the prison by letting in the zombie hordes causing major casualties. At Woodbury, Andrea gets closer to the Governor…

The Walking Dead gets its bite back with this episode, sacrificing two major characters to the invading zombies at the prison. T-Dog has been a spare wheel for a while now, while the fraught relationship between Rick and Lori, following Shane’s death, has been a little too ‘soap opera’. Both are written out this episode, with T-Dog going out like a hero after realising he’s doomed following a zombie bite. Lori’s death is more drawn out, and a little more traumatic, as Maggie and Carl help with the birth of her baby, an event she doesn’t survive.

These are dramatic events, to be sure, but they are somewhat let down by Andrew Lincoln’s OTT reaction, as Rick learns of his wife’s death at the episode’s conclusion. His histrionics compare unfavourably with David Morrissey’s understated menace as the Governor. Even when he’s playing nice, there’s a hint of threat behind his words and actions—nothing that Andrea can spot, but Morrissey makes it very clear to the viewer. He’s easily the best actor on the show, ably backed up by the welcome return of Michael Rooker. While the drama is at the prison, it in the seemingly idyllic Woodbury that the real fireworks appear to be developing…

Verdict: No one is safe, as The Walking Dead recovers its edge.

Episode 4 ‘Killer Within’: 8/10

Brian J. Robb


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