Being Human: Review: Series 3 Ep 8: The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Treachery, guilt and redemption – just an ordinary day at Honolulu Heights…

It’s safe to say that Being Human will never be the same again after the events of this episode, which turn upside down everything you thought you knew about this season’s ongoing plotlines. Quite simply the best script that Toby Whithouse has contributed to the show, it reveals all of the regular characters – including Herrick – at their most basic and fundamental levels, confirming the depth of the relationships that has underpinned this series and kept it engaging even through some weaker episodes.

Although the Sky Guide persists in calling this a “comedy-drama”, what little humour there is in this season finale is of the blackest nature: a couple of wry lines from Annie, and some bon mots from Herrick are about it. But the rest of the script has so many quotable lines including George’s declaration at the end of the episode which promises a very different set-up for series four.

The odd plothole prevents this from getting a perfect score, although the drive of the episode prevents them from becoming apparent until afterwards, but the production quality, the music (and the incredibly effective use of silence) and the acting are all of the highest level. 9/10

Paul Simpson

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