Shaun the Sheep: Review: The Farmer’s Llamas

ShaunStudio Canal, out now

New additions cause havoc on the farm… okay, even more havoc than usual…

Shaun the Sheep’s adventures continued in this amusing special, first broadcast at Christmas, and now released on DVD, complete with some interesting insights into the new characters from the animators as well as a selection of short Shaun the Sheep films.

The main feature sees the farmer inadvertently win a trio of llamas at auction, who turn out to be even more trouble than his sheep. There are plenty of sight gags that will have adults as well as children laughing, as well as the inevitable fart joke (and adults who may have had the luck to encounter a llama will be able to easily imagine just how unpleasant a smell that’s going to be involved here!). As with all the best Aardman productions, every possible gag is mined from the situation.

Little ones will enjoy the near-twenty minutes of extra Shaun the Sheep adventures, most of which are simple punchlines; adults will get more out of the evident enjoyment that the animators have had in bringing these new characters to the screen.

Verdict: Another fun addition to the Aardman repertoire. 8/10

Paul Simpson

Shaun The Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas is available on DVD now

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