Being Human: Review: Series 5 Episode 3: Pie and Prejudice (spoiler-free)

Being Human 5.3Hal, Tom and Alex have to face some home truths…

When Being Human began, one of its central ideas was the way in which the three supernatural beings tried to cope with the ordinary things of life – jobs, love, success and failure. Somewhere along the way, the battles with Herrick and the Old Ones, and anyone else who came out of the woodwork, started to become more important, and that side of the show took a back seat, if not vanished altogether. With the advent of Captain Hatch, it did look as if the same thing was going to happen with this final season.

Luckily – and it may be a one-off, given how much has got to happen with the Hatch plotline – we have this episode, where all of our heroes are given a taste of what the future might hold for them. Alex gatecrashes Hal’s meeting with an old friend, another ghost who hasn’t been exactly honest with Hal about herself (and she’s,not the only one lying); Tom falls under the lure of a failed weather forecaster who’s also a werewolf (it happens in the pre-credits so it’s not exactly a spoiler); and Hal… well, let’s just say Lord Hal is playing a very dangerous game.

There’s humour, there’s gore, there’s touching and dangerous self-belief and self-deception. It’s Being Human reminding us of how great it can be when the focus is solely on our housemates.

Verdict: Sex, violence and an encroaching darkness – what more could you want?  8/10

Paul Simpson


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