Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 10: Fair Cop

Eve 2.10Lily is arrested for hacking…

James Moran is behind the script for this week, and it’s packed with some of the best dialogue we’ve had across the whole series to date – one character being described as a grumpy vulture is absolutely perfect (and will be used in the introduction to her interview here on SFB shortly!). The scenes with Lily and her mum in the police station are well-observed – the horror of learning exactly what your teenage daughter really has been up to will be familiar to any parent. Eubha Akilade and Shona Price play these scenes really well – as do Richie Campbell and Elijah Ayite in the corresponding father and son moments.

There continue to be a lot of twists in this episode, along with a real resurgence of the SF references, with Poppy Lee Friar having almost too much fun with Eve’s new knowledge of what killer robots can do, and one of the best early episodes of the Doctor Who revival getting a cunning shout-out. (“Six words.” Really?!) The final reveal picks up on plot elements seeded as early as the very first episode of the show, and it’s worth rewatching it carefully and thinking back on some of the so-far unexplained discussions between Nick and Rebecca…

There are almost too many balls up in the air now so I’m hoping that there’s not too rapid a resolution in the final episodes, and some of these are kept for the third season, which must surely be coming.

Verdict: One of my favourite episodes to date: strong ensemble acting, clever plotting and smart dialogue. 9/10

Paul Simpson


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