Review: Doctor Who: The Brilliant Book 2012

Everything you wanted to know about Series Six. Really.

When last year’s Brilliant Book came out, I raved about it, saying that calling your book Brilliant was asking for trouble, but that the description was more than justified. That applies as much to this year’s sequel – there are the same mini-dossiers on each episode, with deleted scenes, interviews with the writers, and choice facts; interviews with key production personnel (Toby Haynes on directing; Neil Gorton on the monsters); and a wealth of extra information added on to supplement the enjoyment of the episodes. When this includes Neil Gaiman explaining the history of the Corsair, or a poster that shows Henry Gordon Jago presenting MadameVastra (because Li H’Sen Chang is indisposed), you can see how much fun it all is.

Add in interviews with the four key cast, and a no-holds-barred discussion with Steven Moffat, and you’ve got another success. But this year it’s also got the most incredible set of paintings based on each episode created by Lee Johnson – any of which would not be out of place on display.

Verdict: Absolutely not to be missed. 10/10

Paul Simpson


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