The Librarians: Review: Series 1 Episode 5

Librarians 5…and the Apple of Discord

Dragons awakening is enough to bring Flynn back to the Annexe – but it may be down to Ezekiel Jones to save the day…

Only the third episode past the pilot, and already this show is demonstrating how far it has moved beyond its TV movie roots, with Flynn, frankly, feeling a bit redundant, and I did worry for a few moments at the end that Eve was going to react out of character, and encourage him to stay. This is nothing against Noah Wyle’s manic and highly watchable performance, but more about the way that the new team has bedded down very quickly – and showing off their evil sides definitely helped, giving Christian Kane and Lindy Booth particularly opportunities to shine.

The dramatic weight of the episode, however, falls on John Kim’s Ezekiel and John Larroquette’s Jenkins, who have to work together, despite being the pair that rub each other up the wrong way the most. Paul Guyot and Geoff Thorne’s script walks a fine line, never quite going so far over the top that the threat posed by the Dragons, or by Dulaque, is neutered, and also using character reaction to remove some of that concern.

The scene between Kim and Larroquette outside the Annexe is one of the best of the show to date, while Matt Frewer and Larroquette’s interactions are just starting to lift the veil on their characters’ relationships – there’s a lot of new detail given in a very casual way. Rebecca Romijn has in some ways been given the hardest role of the lot, as the place of the Guardian isn’t that well understood, and she’s handled the transition of Colonel Eve Baird across the past few weeks very well.

Verdict: A suitably oddball way to mark the halfway point of the show’s first season. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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