Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 9

Danny rescues a mysterious figure from the future as a herd of grazers threaten a campsite…

The season’s penultimate episode spends quite a bit of time concentrating on the main arc of the storyline, but without cheapening the “creature of the week” element. Like episode two, it begins with some humorous sections, but the tone darkens towards the end, with one regular guest star making what might be a very gruesome final appearance.

The James Lester / Christine Johnson subplot finally takes centre stage, following some unorthodox action by Danny, and Ben Miller gives an enjoyable performance in the Mexican standoff that follows as everyone shows their true colours.

There’s a couple of special effects sequences that look as if Framestore have actually started animating the human involved as well as the creatures. The scenes stand out after a season where the interplay between real and computer generated elements has been a highlight. It’s a shame because there are some really cinematic shots scattered throughout the episode – the rhino creatures thundering over the camera especially.

Verdict: The season finale promises to answer some questions that have been around since the show started, and this episode whets the appetite well.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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