Eve: Review: Series 2 Episode 7: A Case of Identity

Eve 2.7Eve channels Sherlock to deduce Adam’s identity…

You may well be one step ahead of Eve, Will and Lily as they try to deduce the identity of Adam, the second robot created by Mary Douglas and sent after Eve, but there are plenty of surprises in this week’s episode, as all the suspects have secrets that they don’t want revealed… even if they might not be the ones that the gang expect. One of the key people has family connections that nobody has had any reason to suspect; another has abilities that have hidden in plain sight. And there’s a possibility that no-one (including me, I must admit) considered in terms of how the spy is hiding himself…

Poppy Lee Friar almost seems to be having too much fun as a Sherlock-ised Eve, retreating to her mind palace and adopting Benedict Cumberbatch’s tones (and character’s attitudes to those around him). Chris Hegarty and Cameron Allen both play the interrogation scenes well, and I hope that it’s not the last we see of either – Hegarty’s Cain is a good foil for Eubha Akilade’s Lily, while Allen has given Elijah Ayite more to do as Abe than simply be the comic relief.

Verdict: Another episode that changes what we thought we knew. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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