Review: Primeval Series 3 Ep 7

When a dragon comes through an anomaly, is anyone really surprised when a knight follows behind?

After some of the comparative angst and horror of the past few stories, this begins as a slightly too lengthy runaround, but it does give new girl Sarah Page a chance to shine.

Once again, there are overtones of Jon Pertwee Doctor Who stories (The Time Warrior and Invasion of the Dinosaurs) – at any minute you expect The Brigadier (aka Nick Courtney) to make a cameo!

The “dragon” of course is no such thing: it’s a creature from prehistoric times that turned up in the middle ages via an anomaly, and then pops up in a car wrecking plant. The knight in tarnished armour is the real thing, and while there’s a certain amount of the usual fish out of water humorous sequences, we also see some of his anguish as he believes he has died and gone to hell.

The subplot with Abby’s brother drags on, and is the only misfiring part of the episode. Abby herself shows how much she’s matured during the last three years and there’s a good chemistry with Becker in their scenes together.

A lighter weight episode this week though nonetheless entertaining. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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