Misfits: Review: Series 4 Episode 3 (spoiler-free)

Jess learns about a whole other side of Rudy, as Finn gets some unwanted attention…

If for any reason you’ve been avoiding Misfits this season because of the lack of Simon and Alisha, then make sure you catch this week’s – it’ll hook you back on the show. Joseph Gilgun gives an incredible triple performance, which not only explains so much about Rudy and Rudy Too but adds a new villain to the Misfits Hall of Fame.

The relationship between Rudy Three and Jess is the central strand running through the episode, which pays off with a typically Misfits scene – the serious part interrupted by black humour (and some violence). The B plot sees Finn having problems with another older woman, which has some unintended consequences (with an unfortunate coincidence of timing to something similar in one of this week’s other genre shows).

Curtis, meanwhile, seems to have almost not been around this season – the odd sarcastic comment aside. The introduction of a new probation worker would seem to be indicating the end of that (certainly the throwforward promises that he’ll be centre stage for the next episode), which will be pleasing for those who have missed him!

Verdict: A tour de force for Gilgun in one of the best episodes in some time. 8/10

Paul Simpson


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