Nowhere Boys: Review: Series 1 Episode 3

Nowhere Boys 3The evidence starts to pile up but the boys still don’t want to believe the truth…

Much of the first two-thirds of this episode is spent confirming what we as an audience – and, to be honest, the boys themselves – know to be the truth: they are not where they thought they were. There’s no evidence that they ever existed, and in Sam’s case, there’s even someone else who’s taken his place, not just in his family, but with his girlfriend.

There’s a fun moment when the others realise that non-existence does have some benefits and they can trash the gym with impunity, but otherwise even something as simple as getting food starts to become a challenge. Their familiarity – to an extent – with their home town means they have a way of getting hold of things, but they have to remain out of sight.

And that’s when things really being to kick off. The final few minutes ramp things up considerably, taking this episode from being a teen soap with a twist back into genre territory, with some very odd incidents, and the first real cliffhanger of the show.

Verdict: If the suspense of the concluding part can be maintained, Nowhere Boys has kicked up a gear. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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