Misfits: Review: Series 4 Episode 6

AbbeyThe gang attend a party, make new friends and meet a Rabbit. A large one, armed with a golf club…

This season of Misfits does seem to be constantly in a state of transition: we’ve had Kelly’s departure, then Curtis’, and now we start to meet new characters this late in the day – and that’s really what this episode does. Although we finally get a reason behind Alex’s behaviour (a twist on Curtis’ power from last season in one respect), a lot of new questions are posed, with only two episodes of the season left to go.

Getting to see a new side of Rudy only emphasises how little we’ve seen of his power this year – come to that, of any of the crew’s powers: Finn’s telekinesis has had a brief outing, Jess’ ability to see through things hasn’t been used much either. There have been a lot of powers around, but they’ve belonged to guest characters (in the case of the “sex numbers” one, a pretty random stranger, whose only function is to kick start that plotline.) Although she seems able to drink everyone under the table, we don’t otherwise know what Abbey’s power is, unless it’s the fastest regenerating liver on the planet!

Verdict: Some cohesion is needed in the last few episodes for Misfits to justify a return next year.  6/10

Paul Simpson


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