Review: Primeval New World: Series 1 Episode 3: Fear of Flying (Spoiler-free)

Evan and Dylan follow a plane through an anomaly, as Mac and his girlfriend have to cope with a rather special guest…

I think we’re beginning to see what is meant by the darker, more adult content in this iteration of Primeval, as it becomes very clear that no one is safe. Most episodes of the show involve some sort of death or serious injury to indicate the threat posed by the creature(s) but when you have a situation where Mac’s new girlfriend is one of those fighting the incursion, and the episode unfolds as this one does, you do start to wonder who’s going to make it to the end credits… Certainly, if the team are going to go through the anomalies regularly, the odds of them all making the pick-up for season two are diminishing!

Hopefully we’ll get an episode soon which gives Toby a bit more to do: she’s stuck in the Tank eating pizza, which seems a waste of Crystal Lowe’s talents. There’s also a lack of development on another ongoing front this issue, which one has to guess was a conscious choice to emphasise the peril faced by Evan, Dylan and Mac without cutting to other extraneous plotlines.

There are some genuine shocks in this, which are well-shot by regular Smallville, Supernatural and Eureka director Mike Rohl, as well as some interesting character development for the leads (or at least, those we see).

Verdict: Another strong episode, which bodes well for the future of the show.  7/10

Paul Simpson




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