Review: Star Trek #4

The Galileo Seven, Part 2

Writer: Mike Johnson

Artist: Joe Phillips

Published by: IDW

With members of his crew lost somewhere on an unexplored planet and an urgent assignment to deliver medical supplies to Makus III, Kirk faces the difficult decision of whether to abandon his crew or his orders. Meanwhile, on the planet, Spock leads the shuttle crew as they are attacked by a mysterious and aggressive species of giant ape-like creatures.

This series provides a great opportunity to explore the alternative story possibilities in the original series episodes and this particular rewrite is one that I especially enjoyed. The role of the female crewmembers in this issue has been significantly altered and is far more satisfying for a female reader. In the original episode Yeoman Mears is part of the shuttle crew and manages to do practically nothing for most of the episode. By contrast, this rewrite introduces Yeoman Rand in her place and gives her a much larger role, including piloting duties. Similarly, Uhura plays a much larger part in the action here.

Writer Mike Johnson continues to explore Spock’s more human attitudes in a story that originally focused very heavily on his staunch belief in logic as the ideal approach to any situation. In addition, we continue to see the more subtle differences in Kirk’s personality as he deals with High Commissioner Ferris and the decision to leave Spock and co. on the planet.

I found the ending of this issue to be the weakest part of the story arc as it felt as if certain threads were left unresolved or just brushed aside. Nevertheless I enjoyed the new take on The Galileo Seven and am beginning to see where Johnson is taking these characters in this series. I look forward to finding out which episode he will tackle next!

Joe Phillips’s art handles the story admirably although I find that his characters sometimes lack expression. This is particularly true of Uhura who at times seems almost wooden. One little touch I particularly enjoyed in this issue was the female crewmember wearing pants (as opposed to the usual miniskirt) in the background on one panel.

Verdict: This series continues to improve with every issue and I am eagerly anticipating what the next story arc will bring. 7/10

Bernice Watson


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