Review: Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes #3

Writer: Chris Roberson

Artist: Jeffrey Moy

IDW Publishing

The Legion of Superheroes team and Kirk’s Starfleet landing party finally come face to face as each struggles to make sense of where, and more importantly when, they have been transported. Initially mistaking one another for the enemy, there is a brief confrontation before they finally join forces to escape the grim timeline they have found themselves in.

Now that the two iconic teams have finally made contact with one another and resolved to escape their current predicament together, readers get to enjoy the two groups interacting. Unfortunately this long-awaited encounter is fairly uninspired. First they fight each other, then they fight some bad guys and then they exchange companionable banter. Overall it comes across as predictable and somewhat stale.

On the upside, Uhura does get a couple of good lines in this issue. Despite being the only member of the Starfleet team to get taken out by her Legion of Superheroes opposite number without even getting off a shot, Uhura redeems herself by taking out a bad guy and delivering some snappy dialogue too. She even makes a passing reference to her Orion roommate at the Academy as seen in the 2009 film.

Jeffrey Moy does a nice job on the art in this issue as he continues to capture the body language and expressions of these well-known characters. One of the highlights is the panel in which Kirk uses his familiar double fist attack. Moy perfectly captures Shatner’s execution of the move from the television series.

Verdict: Unfortunately this series has yet to live up to its potential and so far is just falling flat. 5/10

Bernice Watson


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