Review: The Art of Dredd

Introduction by John Wagner

2000AD, out now

A monumental archive of classic Dredd cover art…

If someone you know spends their time sneering at “so-called graphic novels” and demeaning them both as literary and artistic formats, then maybe you should show them The Art of Dredd. Or hit them over the head with it. Either is likely to have a pretty devastating effect.

Going right the way through the history of 2000AD, this shows the development of many of the iconic images that have come to signify Dredd and his fellow judges (which are used so well in the new movie). Highly informative mini-pieces by writers, artists and editors set them in context, and will bring back memories for those who dipped in and out of the magazine over the years. Some images are blackly comic, others are horrifying, but they all stand out, particularly when reproduced to such a high degree.

Although the painted covers never worked so well for me – they always seemed to lack that visceral element for some reason – the switch to digital and the use of speech balloons again saw some of my personal favourites (Dredd interrogating a chestburster Alien is just so wrong it’s right!).

Verdict: A visual delight which combined with concise text provides a microcosm of the Dredd story.  9/10

Paul Simpson

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