Review: Danger is Everywhere

DangerBy David O’Doherty, illustrated by Chris Judge

Puffin, out now

A hilarious guidebook for avoiding danger.

Danger is Everywhere covers everything from vampire teachers to toothbrush snakes. It is presented by Docter Noel Zone, the first and only Dangerologist in the world, a man who gave himself the first name “Docter” to make himself sound more official (apparently no one notices the spelling).

In this handy guide, you will learn about the multitude of everyday dangers, and what to do if the worst happens; by the end, you will be a fully qualified Level 1 Dangerologist, and will know what to do if you’re attacked by a cheetah while on a picnic, or if your granny turns out to be a robot in disguise.

This is a very funny book, guaranteed to make you laugh, and since there’s no real storyline, you can just concentrate on remembering what to do if your hamster turns out to be a baby hippopotamus, or how to avoid the post-box octopus.

The only downside is that Dangerology has its own SPLOD (Special Protocol Language Of Dangerology) that is used a lot. There is a key in the introduction, but unless you have a photographic memory you have to go back to it a lot!

Verdict: A very light-hearted book you can just pick up at any time and have a giggle. 8/10

Sophie Simpson

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