Review: Primeval: Series 3 Ep 1

When a crocodile god escapes from the British Museum, Cutter and his team start to wonder about historical anomalies…

Primeval kicks off its third season with a high octane episode which benefits tremendously from a large amount of location shooting, including scenes within the British Museum. Rather surprisingly there’s no “Previously on Primeval” to catch viewers up, so some of the nuances of the story, particularly with regard to Helen Cutter’s subplot, may pass some new viewers by, although everything critical is explained.

The series takes a sideways step, taking it almost into Stargate territory, as we learn that some creatures from myths and legends might derive from visitors through the anomalies. It takes the show away from the “dinosaur of the week” rut that it could easily have fallen into, and with an intriguing sidestory involving Helen and her clone army, the producers seem determined to mine new territory.

The new slant also gives a good reason for new team member Sarah Page to join, and with the introduction of Ben Mansfield as Captain Becker, the action position that James Murray’s Stephen took for the first two years is filled. There’s even a new nemesis for Ben Miller’s acerbic James Lester.

Verdict: A good start.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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