Review: Star Trek/Doctor Who: Assimilation2 #1

Writers: Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee

Artist: J.K. Woodward

IDW Comics, out now

The Borg have a new ally, while the Doctor, Amy and Rory deal with a peril in ancient times.

Certainly not the opening issue that I was expecting, this is clearly going to be a slow burn – and definitely one of those situations where the cover is… misleading. There are no scenes with the Doctor in the captain’s chair on the bridge of the Enterprise (yet, anyway) and indeed the interaction between the two universes is small – at least as far as our heroes are concerned.

The enemies team up from the start though: Cybermen and Borg vs. the inhabitants of a peaceful planet. The panel showing the two foes side by side is chilling and it’ll be interesting to see if the differences between the two are exploited (particularly as these are the new series Cybus Industries variant).

The majority of the issue focuses on the Doctor’s adventures, with the writers nailing the rapport between the three time travellers. Rory isn’t always well-portrayed in print, but the dialogue rings true, and captures his particular speech patterns.

J.K. Woodward’s paintings suit the story: although there are times that they bring back memories of the 1970s Doctor Who annuals (paintings of publicity shots), they’ve got an energy to them that those lacked. The “I’m the Doctor” picture and the first panel on the following page are stunning.

Verdict: With a number of easter eggs hiding in the background (look at the menu on the penultimate page, for example), this is a fun start.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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