Agent Carter: Review: Series 2 Episode 7: Monsters

Agent-Carter-207Dottie is in Whitney’s hands – Peggy to the rescue…

The women are firmly in charge in this episode, with Vernon Masters shown up to be little more than a bully in every scene he appears in, whether it’s attempting to intimidate Dottie, or taking over control of the LA office of the SSR from Daniel after arranging for him to be beaten up. The oh-so-powerful men’s club is in disarray after Whitney’s coup d’etat last episode, with none of them wanting to risk any further confrontation with her. The scenes between Dottie and Masters make the Russian agent’s capitulation to Whitney all the more shocking and we realise just how terrifying the effect of the zero matter is – it doesn’t just break Dottie (temporarily), it annihilates her!

After Rose’s moment in the spotlight during the break-in, it’s Ana’s turn to show her inner strength (and as for Rose, the whole “going away” thing really doesn’t ring true – hopefully it’s a ruse), and there can’t be many people who didn’t guess that Edwin Jarvis’ promise regarding safety was going to get torn up in one way or other. But are the producers willing to push this in the way that a Netflix show would…?

Verdict: The odds are stacking up against Peggy – which is just the way she (and the audience) likes it. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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