Merlin: Review: Series 2 Ep 3: The Nightmare Begins

When Morgana begins to suspect that she has magical powers, Merlin sends her to visit the Druids…

There’s a lot of good material in this episode that disguises the fact that the second half is basically one long chase sequence. Initially, it seems as if the show is retreating to the series one standby of “everyone tells Merlin he’s wrong about something, but he’s determined to do it anyway and it all works out for the best” – but for once we see some consequences, although not perhaps as many as you might expect even 35 minutes into the episode.

A large amount of the episode falls on Katie McGrath’s shoulders as Morgana, and she acquits herself well, with just the necessary amount of steel to persuade the audience that she is the witch that the Dragon calls her.

It’s also good to see the creepy kid version of Mordred back, although his Damien-like propensities are unfortunately reined in slightly because of the timeslot. However if Merlin continues to break out of places by acting like a magical Incredible Hulk, someone is going to cotton on very quickly!

With no reset button at the end, some intriguing relationship dynamics are being set up. Let’s hope the producers follow them through to their logical conclusion.  7/10

Paul Simpson

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