True Blood: Review: Season 5 Ep 3

HBO, 24 June 2012

Jason has a chance encounter in the supermarket, Andy’s all over the Internet, Terry’s off to sort out his past, Sam has Tara in the fridge, Debbie’s parents have come looking for her, Lafayette’s losing control and Alcide is definitely not happy with Sookie.

Well really, there is too much going on and rather too little of anything! The main thread of the episode is still the Authority with Bill and Eric managing to wiggle out of the true death, but still very much in danger. But this storyline is not in any way strengthened by all the other threads fighting for attention. It feels like not a lot is really happening and all the mysteries and cliffhangers are getting drawn out just a little too long. Get on with it already and let’s be having Russell back in full fury!

Thankfully the episode is salvaged by two things. The minor of these is the revelation of Steve Newlin’s role in the unfolding events – and in his few short moments on screen Michael McMillian gets to vamp, and camp, it up something rotten. The major saving of the episode though is the continuation of Pam’s backstory. These scenes reveal how Eric came to be her maker and they contrast poignantly and emphatically with her (so far non-)relationship with her new progeny Tara. If promises are delivered, developments here could be the making of this season and might just be far more entertaining than anything surrounding any of the other characters.

Verdict: A series in danger of losing its Edgington…

Episode 3 ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me’: 7/10

Brigid Cherry


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