Being Human: Review: Series 3 Ep 6: Daddy Ghoul

George is reunited with his father at the latter’s funeral, while Annie and Mitchell help the police with their enquiries…

A great flashback scene featuring Herrick and Mitchell in 1930s Paris is one of the stronger parts of an episode which feels like a bit of a letdown after last week’s exceptionally strong instalment. It doesn’t help that this episode feels slightly overbalanced in favour of the story-of-the-week, as George and Nina spend time with George’s dad. There are some good moments in that plotline, and it’s always nice to see James Fleet doing his usual shtick, but it feels like filler in-between the scenes featuring Herrick, Mitchell, Annie and a very tenacious cop called Nancy.

Mitchell appears to be losing all sense of proportion over his fear of death by werewolf, starting the episode giving blood to Herrick, while Annie clearly starts to lose her faith in her vampire friend as more facts about the Box Tunnel Massacre begin to come to light. Although it was Nina who shopped Mitchell in the first place, it may not be her who puts the metaphorical noose around Mitchell’s neck…

It might not be the strongest episode of Being Human, but that still puts it ahead of most other genre shows currently on air!  7/10

Paul Simpson

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