Eve: Review: Series 1 Episode 5: Brain Freeze

Eve 1.5Eve feels she’s missing out on human experiences as Nick discovers that she may hold a deadly secret.

Andrew Yerlett’s script, the first episode of the series not written by co-creator Emma Reeves alters the balance slightly from the mix we’ve had in the first four, with the dramatic parts more serious and the comedy moments played even more broadly. The sight of Eve trying to put her head in the icebox or the slow-motion attempt to stop her eating ice cream at the end – which was a gag that felt as if it went on too long – were comic, but sat slightly uncomfortably with the notion that she could explode, or that the army might be coming to get her.

That aside, the episode did show the real first signs of Eve herself developing her own opinions, rather than simply mimicking and mirroring the reactions of others. Her arguments with both Will and Nick were sharper than they’ve been, and her demands of the man she emphatically notes is not her father are pointed, providing Poppy Lee Friar with a chance to show Eve’s fire.

There’s clearly far more to come about the reasons behind Eve’s development, and the more we learn about Jane Asher’s character Mary, the more I’m starting to wonder who the real villain of this piece is likely to be…

Verdict: Definitely a lighterweight episode, but still fun. 7/10

Paul Simpson




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