Review: Two Tales of San Ventura

TwoTalesBy Adam Christopher

Out now

Two short stories set in the world of Seven Wonders

Adam Christopher’s superhero tale Seven Wonders was a hit last year, with its realistic approach to a world where the last superheroes are congregated in one city, and only have one key enemy to deal with – or so they think. (If you’ve not read it yet, then you’re in for a rollercoaster ride.)

These two tales are fun additions, and almost act as a “Marvels” to Seven Wonders – showing the superheroes from the point of view of ordinary people whose lives are affected by them.

The first appeared in the hardback collector’s edition of Seven Wonders, and is set at Comic Con, which for obvious reasons in this reality is held in San Ventura, rather than San Diego. Christopher counterpoints the chase for a supervillain with the costume contest, and then the two worlds collide – with some interesting consequences.

The other, shorter piece also provides an interesting perspective: not everyone necessarily welcomes superheroes into their lives, and there are some sharp observations in here.

If you’ve enjoyed Seven Wonders, you’ll get a wry smile from these; if you’ve not yet tried the book, you get a flavour of Christopher’s approach.

Verdict: Two short stories with more going on beneath the surface than you might expect. 7/10

Paul Simpson

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