Misfits: Review: Series 4 Episode 2 (Spoiler-free)

The gang learn why Finn has a woman tied up in his bedroom…

After an interesting, but very different, episode to kick off the fourth season, this week sees the show far more back to normal – if such a thing can ever be said to exist on Misfits! The humour is much more central, deriving not just from Rudy being his normal calm, suave, sophisticated self (!), but also from the situations the gang find themselves in – some of the recipients of powers are not exactly who you’d expect!

Underneath it, there are some serious points being made about racism and the abuse of power within relationships if you want to find them – there’s more than enough happening on the surface to keep you occupied. You do have to wonder what excuses will be found to keep Seth around for next week’s episode, though; he’s important in this one again, but you’d think that he would have dealt with matters regarding Kelly a little sooner than is made out to be the case.

Hopefully we’ll also find out a little more about the new probation worker: we see a continuation of the first episode’s anger, but little more. However, from the throwforward, it looks as if the gang have got some real problems on their hands next week…

Verdict: Crude and often hilarious, this is more “standard” Misfits than last time.  7/10

Paul Simpson


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