Review: Doctor Who: AudioGo: Serpent Crest 5: Survivors in Space

Spoiler Alert: Do not read this if you’ve not yet heard Serpent Crest 4: The Hexford Invasion

The Second Doctor and the villagers of Hexford are lost in space…

Probably the most satisfying ending of any of these new five part audio adventures, this episode wraps up the various plotlines that have been set in motion throughout the serial, without needless referencing back to previous adventures. There are a few meta references – the Doctor is needed “elsewhere” (i.e. for his Big Finish stint) – and a reasonable explanation as to the appearance of the Second Doctor (which doesn’t make reference to Season 6B, something I’d half hoped for) which add to the fun for fans.

It’s one of those episodes where everything slots neatly into place: suspicions about the role of the Second Doctor in proceedings continue to be fed, with the explanation staying true to the character’s nature as well as the story demands. More than in the previous episode, David Troughton’s portrayal of his father’s role is spookily accurate (although if this is to be done again, he needs to add a few more of the “hmms” and other verbal punctuation that the older Troughton employed), and there’s a fanboy thrill to hearing Second and Fourth working against and with each other.

Verdict:  An enjoyable end to what’s overall been the best of the three AudioGo Baker adventures. 7/10

Paul Simpson


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